Model For Us are frequently looking for boys aged 10-14, around the 3-6 foot size to model clothes, shin pads, socks, etc. for our website. Many examples can be found on our store page and throughout the site.

You don't have to have experience as many children do not. We just ask that you are keen, don't mind trying on different things and enjoy having your picture taken in various poses.

A typical modelling session lasts around 3 hours, with the first hour getting the equipment tested and you used to the process.

The last 2 hours will be trying on the clothes, shoes, etc for use on our website and other on-line sites.

The process is fun, relaxed, with music on and 99% of children that have taken part have wanted to do it more than once.

Photos are taken by with a CRB checked photographer and references can be made available too.

Applicants must live within 30 minutes of St Neots (PE19) where the photos will be taken.

Anyone interested should contact us via our get in touch page.
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